March 5, 2015 by Sean Witzke Last week, Adi Shankar, producer of Dredd and The Grey, released a short film, online, directed by Joseph Kahn, called Power/Rangers. It was, in Kahn’s words, a “de-boot” of the popular 1990s kids’ show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It blew up. Saban Entertainment, which […]

August 28, 2012 By Jon Lyus  Joseph Kahn’s Detention is out on DVD today and if you haven’t seen it then it you should. It is one of the best teen/slasher/ursine time travel/comedy films in recent years. It doesn’t so much throw its hat into a crowded arena of schoolbound horrorshows as […]

It’s hard to describe Joseph Kahn’s Detention: let’s just call it an average, everyday, perfectly normal tale of high school teen social politics, masked serial killers, human flies, interplanetary bears, time travel, mind transference, intense Canadians, vegetable-based alien life forms and being kept after class for nineteen years. It finally […]

By Charlie Jane Anders April 13, 2012   Veteran music video director Joseph Kahn has created a film that challenges the limits of genre, to a degree that will make your head spin. But Detention isn’t just aimed at randomly being meta or ironic, Kahn tells io9 — rather, he’s hoping […]